annual bottle drive

A penny isn’t worth very much...but what would you get if you kept adding pennies, nickels, quarters, and dimes together? Would it be enough to save and transform lives? Yes! Every bottle adds up with bottles from others in our community to provide classes, pregnancy tests, emotional and spiritual help, and so much more to those who may be experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.


The process is easy: Pick up an empty bank at your church or at the center. Fill it with your loose change, bills, or checks. Then return it to your church or at the center.


Fill a bottle...change a life!

church campaign

The Baby Bottle Campaign is an easy and fun way for your church or group to give to LifeNet. We provide you with as many bottles as you need, bulletin inserts, posters, and a step-by-step guide for how the Campaign works. You distribute the bottles – one to each person, group, or family – to be filled with coins, cash, or checks.


When you return the filled bottles to the LifeNet Center, we’ll count the contents and let you know how much your church or group raised! The Campaign can bring some significant support for the women we serve.

kids campaign

Kids can make a difference! The Baby Bottle Kids Campaign provides an opportunity to teach children the value of life and the value of giving to others. Also, by filling their bottles with loose change, kids become engaged in a practical, hands-on way to serve those in need.

  • Download this sheet for tips on talking with children.
  • Download Focus on the Family’s Valuing Life toolkit for age-specific lessons and activities.


 We have lots of resources and information

to help make your campaign a success.

  • Email us to arrange a pick-up or delivery of bottles or fill out the form below.
  • Learn the steps to making your  campaign a success
  • Download a poster­ 
  • Download sample bulletin announcements
  • Powerpoint slides
  • Call 530.727.9888 if you need additional assistance.