santity of human life Cross project

cross installation

January 21, 2023



Pro-Abundant Life Friends

Join others to install a 550 cross display representing  the number of abortions performed in the United States each hour.  This display of crosses is meant to bring awareness to the impact that legalized abortion has had since RoeVWade was passed in 1973.


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post Roe generation

In the summer of 2022 the Supreme Court overturned RoeVWade deeming abortion NOT a constitutional right in the U.S, leaving this legislative decision up to each state.

abortion is preserved in california

The lawmakers in California have embraced abortion as a gift to women,  even going so far as to invite and fund women and minors to travel from out of state to have abortions here under the guise of "Neighbourly Love"

bring awareness

Help bring awareness to the pain and heartache of abortion.  Not only does it end a baby's life but it often brings devastation to woman who think this is their only choice.  

LifeNet has materials to help share this message with your church and on your social media pages.  Please call 530-727-9888 to get your kit.