What we do

LifeNet is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the Tehama County community. LifeNet provides education, support and material resources for young people, families and pregnant women and their children, born and unborn, in a loving Christ-centered environment offering an alternative to abortion. All services are provided to clients at no cost to them.


LifeNet is staffed by a paid Executive Director and supported by dedicated trained and caring volunteers. LifeNet is affiliated with the national Care Net organization to collaborate in securing access to high-quality products, materials and resources to serve pregnant women and their families in a Christ-centered environment.



Self-Administered Pregnancy Tests


One of the most important services LifeNet offers is assistance to a client in assessing whether she is pregnant. Since LifeNet is not a licensed medical clinic; staff will guide the client through the process of self-administering the pregnancy test. While the client's assigned coach advocate is not a licensed medical professional and cannot diagnose pregnancy, LifeNet will provide a free pregnancy test to the client and the coach advocate will instruct the client on how to perform the test and read the results.


If the client is pregnant she is given a small layette, which contains several newborn baby items and helpful informational pamphlets. Then the coach advocate will begin a discussion with the client about her options. She will introduce her, and her partner if available, to the Learning for Life program, show them the Baby Boutique, discuss possible County and community services that may be available, and schedule a follow-up appointment.



Learning for Life Program


LifeNet operates a Learning for Life program to educate pregnant women and their network of support on stages of pregnancy, what to expect in each stage, and what to expect during the first year and beyond once the baby is born. In addition to pregnant women, the Learning for Life program is offered to women with infant children through 3 years of age, grandparents needing resources or help raising a grandchild, and the father of the baby whether he is with the mother or a part-time dad. Participants attend regularly-scheduled classes and by participating in the classes, clients are able to earn points, and with them, receive items from the Baby Boutique. Information covered in the Learning for Life include:


•     Pregnancy development in the 1st, 2nd  and 3rd  trimesters

•     Labor and delivery

•     First Year -  what to expect

•     Breastfeeding

•     How to promote healthy sleep habits

•     Finances and budgeting

•     Housekeeping

•     Nutrition

•     Bible studies

•     And other life skills



Baby Boutique


Another major service provided to clients by LifeNet is the Baby Boutique. The Boutique contains numerous items available to clients in exchange for points earned. The primary way for clients to access items for themselves or their baby from the Boutique is through their participation in the Learning for Life program, but exceptions can be made by the Executive Director in special cases. Referrals will be made for maternity clothing.


Examples of items that may be available to clients from the Boutique include:


•     Maternity clothing 

•     Infant and toddler clothing

•     Blankets

•     Baby formula/ baby food (earned points not required)

•     Diapers

•     Baby wipes

•     Stuffed animals

•     Furniture (cribs, swings, nursing pillows, car seats, etc.)

•     Baby bottles

•     Pacifiers

•     Educational pamphlets on numerous subjects

•     Books for checkout and return (on parenting, for kids, etc.)



List of County and Community Services/Advocacy


LifeNet provides clients with a list of County and community services that may be available to them. A trained volunteer coach advocate discusses their individual needs and shares information on which services may be available for client use. To the extent practical, the coach advocate and client will discuss obstacles the client may be facing in accessing needed services, and work together to explore ways to overcome the obstacles.



Follow Up/Other Support


The coach advocate will make a concerted effort to follow-up with the client to check on her well being and progress with her pregnancy. This will occur through follow up appointments, interaction during Learning for Life classes, and by telephone or other outreach. These follow-up discussions will facilitate communication and sharing of information, and allow the Advocate to better understand particular challenges the client may be facing, and determine if additional support from LifeNet can be provided.



Community Outreach and Education


LifeNet plans to undertake a variety of programs to reach and educate young people and families about issues relating to sexual health, including pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases, and the benefits of being chaste outside of marriage. We expect to have programs developed for presentation in various public venues including the schools, initially focused on middle school and high school students. 

Our services are not intended to be a substitute for licensed professional counseling, or for either routine or emergency medical or prenatal care. We do not provide medical care.  Individuals who believe they are experiencing a medical emergency should call 9-1-1 and seek care from the nearest emergency room.