Dear Supporters of Life,

Where God guides, God provides and presently God is guiding LifeNet and its Board of Directors to expand services to assist our most vulnerable clientele- the homeless expectant mother.   There are not many options for shelter in Tehama County that will help a young woman who is homeless due to her decision to choose life.   There are many situations where these young women are forced into the streets if they choose not to have an abortion-either by a partner or a parent.   Approximately 1 in 5 clients that I see at the center are homeless or without stable housing.   Many make life changing decisions based on that factor, such as abortion.   As a Director and Advocate there is nothing more discouraging than reaching out to the limited resources in our community and being unable to find housing for our clients. What an amazing opportunity we have before us to intervene in this crisis and offer shelter, education and a hope for the future to these mothers and their babies.   It is our vision to offer these services alongside our current office hours all in one building to become better stewards of the financial support we are already receiving.   We are stepping out in faith and looking to purchase a house that will meet both the needs of our everyday services that we provide to the community and a home for expectant mothers.   We have found a property that meets these needs, it is properly zoned and has a parking lot right in the heart of Red Bluff.   Formerly a dentist office, this house would be ideal to make this dream come to life.   And life is what our mission is all about.   As an organization, we are focused on life, and life more abundantly. Not just getting by, but showing our clients the amazing life that God has planned for them and their babies.   With a shelter they will get stability, structure, and a place to position themselves for a blessed life.    They will be provided with case management, accountability and life skills by Christian mentors.   We have weighed our options about applying for a government grant and again, have decided to step out in faith and self-fund to avoid any conflict with our values of faith.   This is why if you currently support our center, it is critical that you continue to do so.    If you are not a supporter and have even thought about it before, now is the time to make a difference. We have counted the cost and feel confident that God will indeed provide all that we need. LifeNet Family Resource and Pregnancy Center of Tehama County With California becoming an abortion sanctuary, we need to provide a sanctuary for those who choose life for their babies.   We are also asking for the faith community to offer their expertise, advice and guidance through a committee that will consist of the Executive Director, a Board Member and people called by God to assist in this endeavor.   We strive for transparency in the cost in all areas of running our center and the shelter and will provide this information upon request.   The property we are looking at is located at 1008 Madison St. and has an asking price of $389,000.  We estimate starting costs, including a down payment, at approximately $20,000.   We can house up to five moms and babies.   We expect to increase our operating costs by $400 for each bed we provide.   Ideally, we would love to provide a bed for all in need.    And so, a dream becomes a reality and life has another chance.   As someone who has supported LifeNet currently or in the past, we are asking for you to join us in this dream as it becomes a reality.   If you’d like to be part of the team to get it up and running or provide ongoing support, either financially or physically please let us know.   We invite individuals, churches and businesses to partner with us and we will have lots of things to do from moving in, minor renovations, furniture for moms and babies, setting up a kitchen and more!  We are the mission field that is right in your backyard and one that will impact the future of your community.   Help us be that safety net for life.


Susan Harms

Executive Director LifeNet

Contact Information: Phone: 530-727-9888 Email: One time or Monthly Donor online: Mailing address (currently) 715 B Jackson St. Red Bluff, Ca 96080 

Maternity Shelter Director Letter
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