How You Can Find Healing from Past Abortion

Post-abortion stress syndrome (also known as PASS) is something that you may have heard of. It is a condition that is believed to be an extension of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. While PASS is a condition that is debated by some people, we have seen women who are traumatized from their abortion experience. Our coaches listen to the pain of women who are struggling with the emotional aftermath of an abortion. This is no longer something that can be debated and ignored. These women aren’t lying nor are they seeking attention. They just simply want to heal. So what is PASS and how can one find healing? These are the questions we are going to answer in today’s blog.


What is PASS?

During the pregnancy process, your body is flooded with hormones that alter your brain chemistry. After receiving an abortion, your brain halts the production of these chemicals, causing a whiplash-like situation that leaves your brain in a state of confusion. This can also be compounded by the feelings leading up to the abortion procedure. Choosing to have an abortion is a tremendous decision often surrounded by intense emotions, and these emotions are often handled by everyone differently. With some women or men, they are left with a state of PTSD known as post-abortion stress syndrome or PASS.



Understanding Symptoms of PASS?

Every woman’s experience with abortion is a unique story that’s filled with unique circumstances and differing emotions. However, many of these women face similar symptoms that can be seen again and again. Sadly, many women feel like they have to ignore and suppress symptoms of PASS because they fear that those around them will focus on only one aspect of their story: that they had an abortion. We currently live in a time where many mental health issues are openly accepted; we no longer shame those who suffer from depression, self-harm, and eating disorders.


So why do women suffering from post-abortion syndrome feel uneasy coming forward? While we live in an age of mental health acceptance, we also live in a time of extreme political division, and abortion is a hot topic and the focus of many debates. In order to make it so women are comfortable discussing their struggles with post-abortion stress syndrome, we need to set aside our political views and simply lend a compassionate ear and heart to those who are hurting silently.


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